Jewelry Collecting Dust Is No Good – Sell Yours Today

Millions of people today are scrimping, saving, and trying to build their retirement funds. This takes a long time to actually work through, and millions will not make it to retirement with a lot of money. You may see yourself trying to gain the upper hand, and it’s just not easy to move forward. If you are struggling today, you should be well aware of the bigger picture.

The bigger picture here could very well include something that you’re not thinking about, and that’s jewelry, precious metals, and things that are in your home of great value. At first glance, you may not think that you have a lot of things that you can make money with, but the truth of the matter is that a lot of the things that are collecting dust, could pay you dividends. In fact, that’s why people seek out cash4jewelrynow, today.

The Dusty Jewelry Drawer

PawnMany people today have jewelry that they have held onto for some time. They have spent years holding onto things in a drawer and that’s ok. You don’t have to feel that you need to sell right away, but if you aren’t using your precious metals, what’s going on? The average person has a box of jewels that are collecting dust, and are not going to be used today, tomorrow, or even next week.

People often times cite that there is sentimental value to some things, but if you’re honest, you’ll realize that these things are nothing more than just dust collectors. Over time, that dust can actually cause metals to erode, and they will lose their value. Instead of having to deal with that, why not consider a different path? Why not look into selling?

Precious Metals Have Great Value When Sold

When you are not using your jewelry, when it is just sitting in a drawer it has no value. You haven’t sold it, it hasn’t been measured, and no one knows that it’s there. Only you know, and you may not use it at all. If that’s the case, why not seek out a different path? If you were to look into a different option, you could very well find yourself with a good point of reference for the future. Let’s consider the notion of a jewelry drawer full of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

If you were to find cash4jewelrynow, and you actually sold them, what would you have? An empty drawer for one, but thousands of dollars in hand. That means real money that you can turn into something that you want, or to save in a bank for later.

Without exchanging your items, however, you have a dusty drawer that is not being used for anything. You’ll find that selling becomes a lot better than holding onto dusty things that you’re not going to use any time soon.

When Money Is Needed Fast

For those that are struggling with paycheck to paycheck living, perhaps it’s time to get a leg up. You can move forward with selling your jewelry and getting paid today. You can; use that money to pay off debt, and start living a life that you want. Instead of having to be a slave to the lender, you can get yourself out from under the weight of debt and become a better overall individual.

There’s something grand about paying off all your debt, and it can be done if you sell your jewelry for top dollar. You will find that it’s going to pay off dividends, if you just seek out the right buyer. That’s where cash4jewelrynow comes into play. They’ll pay you greatly, and you’ll be able to use the money you receive fast, and get out of nearly all major issues, guaranteed.


There are many pawn shops in your area. How do you determine which one to go to?
For a buyer

• Look for a pawn shop with a rich inventory.


If you are looking to buy, go to a pawn shop that offers amazing deals. This is a pawn shop that has a good list of people who pawn with them. The inventory is likely to be rich and varied. You are bound to discover something that takes your fancy every time you browse over their items.

• Look for a pawn shop that offers quality valuables.

You want to find rings of high-value, high-end branded watches, and quality precious stones, gold and silver.
Again, this will be a pawn shop where clients go to pawn their valuables. In spite of their high-quality merchandise, they are likely to give desirable deals. You can even try to negotiate prices.

• Look for convenience.

Find a pawn shop located conveniently. It should be in a suitable business-friendly location. You should not feel anxious when you go visit looking for treasures you can buy and take home with you.
For someone who wants to sell, pawn or get a loan

• Choose one which offers fair deals.

You are using your valuables as collateral for your loan; you want to get good money out of the transaction.
You need fast cash. You decide to sell your diamond ring outright or pawn it. You want to get a fair deal.
In spite of the urgency of your need, you want to get best value for your valuables. Look for a pawn shop which has a solid reputation for dealing with its clients fairly. The pawn shop should be able to give you a fair price for your possession – be it a watch, a diamond ring, or some other valuable item.

• Ask around.

Find out from your research what people have to say about a pawn shop that you want to do business with. Is it reputable? Does it specialize in the items you have? You have a diamond ring, a silver dollar, an expensive watch or gold or silver. Does the pawn shop specialize in such items? Is the pawn shop insured?

Things to keep in mind:

• Negotiate your price.

Make sure that you have the capacity to repay the loan. Negotiate a fair price but be realistic. A pawn shop intends to resell the items that they buy or items that clients fail to redeem. If you expect to get a lot of money from your vintage watch from a collector, you will not get the same price from a pawn shop. However, a reputable pawn shop will offer you fast money for your watch – and a fair deal.

• When you bring your items to pawn, make sure that they look their best.

If you have the original packaging, bring it with you. Make your antique jewelry shine. Although it may not make a difference in the appraisal, it will certainly put you in the position to negotiate.

• Honor your agreement.

When you get a loan, make sure that you are ready with your payment, with interest and other fees added, when the time comes to redeem your item. Be aware that if you fail to show up as agreed on, you may forfeit getting your item back or have to pay additional interest and other charges.

Many people seem to consider to be the right pawn shop for their needs.

Do you want to pawn or sell your jewelry items? Do you want to use your valuables to get loans? Do you want to sell us a silver coin? Do you want to sell your Cartier or Rolex watch? We are the right place to do business with. We accept all kinds of jewelry. Our employees are always set to give your valuables the appropriate assessment.

We have been in this business since 1989. We serve the areas of Queens, Suffolk County, and Nassau County in New York. We are bonded, insured and licensed. If you have a cash-flow problem, you will find it safe and convenient to get pawn loans from us.

pawnYou can rest assured that your jewelry will be safe with us. We are insured, bonded, and licensed.

You can trust us to give you good money for your jewelry. Our interest rates are regulated by New York State. If you find yourself in need of money, you can go to us with the items you want to pawn – and get fast cash right there and then.


It makes sense to do business with majorpawn. offers state-regulated interest rates; this means that you get a fair deal from pawn loans.

We have a competitive edge over other pawn shops. We have more than 20 years in the pawn shop business, providing dependable and honest pawn broker services to people in and around Nassau County, Queens, and Suffolk County. gives you cash for your valuables without making it difficult for you. You do not even have to fill out a lot of application paperwork. You just have to be eighteen years old. Bring your valuables and an ID and you can sell pawn or take a loan.

Using Iron On Patches For Promoting A Business

Owning a business takes responsibility. Apart from keeping the kiosk clean and satisfying your customers, you also need to promote it. Promoting your business is quite expensive. You need to use all forms of media to do so. Though you can use the internet to save money in advertising your business, there is still no assurance whether you can reach your target sales or not since not everyone uses the internet. Also, with the number of websites released each day, it is impossible to know whether someone has seen your web page unless they view the site.

Iron On PatchesSurely, you don’t want to take that risk. If you want to make your advertisement noticeable, you may use iron on patches to promote your business. These applications are making a comeback. They make the clothes hip and catchy, but nowadays, entrepreneurs use it by applying them to the personnel uniforms. By using these patches, you can add more style to your staff’s outfit and promote your business at the same time.

Why Should you Use Iron-on Patches as a Promotional Tool?

There are several reasons why you must use iron on patches as your promotional strategy. Firstly, your employees wear their uniforms for five days. They wear it from the time they leave their houses until they go home. With the number of hours that they will be wearing the patches, it would be impossible that no one will notice it. If people see it and they get interested, they will start a conversation with one of your employees and ask about your company.

Secondly, your customers will know if a person works in your business because of the patches. They can approach your staff who’s wearing the patch and ask them anything regarding your products and services.

Finally, you can customize iron on patches. Though there are standard designs that you can use, it is best to customize the layout. You may change the shape, color, image and the font used on the patch. Doing this will make your logo company well-known.

However, creating a customized iron-on patch is tough, especially if you need to make the same pattern multiple times. With the help of an iron on patch manufacturer, you don’t need to make it on your own. You just need to tell them the design that you like to have on your iron-on patches.

How to Find an Iron-On Patch Manufacturer?

There are several companies that create customized iron on patches. With the number of choices that you have, hiring the right one is quite tricky.

If you want to work with a reputable company, you need to do research on their service. Know how long they have been in the industry. Also, look for some references, testimonials and reviews. If the comments were mostly positive, chances are you will get the same experience once you start working with them.

You also need to check the patches’ quality. Make sure that they are in a high standard for your employees will wear them while they are at work. When examining the patches’ class, you need to see if these can resist heat and different movements like running and walking. You also need to see if they are made of strong adhesive because your employees need to move a lot. If the sticky strip is not sufficient, the patch will fall to the ground.

Now you have found the manufacturer you want to work with and envision the logo design for your iron-on patches, you are on the road to advertising success!

Iron on patches is the hippest and a novel tool to use in promoting a business. Aside from making your clothes appealing, these patches can also help expose your business to the public, even without using and giving out flyers and posters, or publishing promos in the newspaper.

At Patches4Less, we’re pleased to offer the finest Iron on patches at the most reduced costs you’ll discover anyplace.

Nassau County Property Search Guide in Finding a Realtor

Investing in a real estate property should be stress-free. More so, if it is your first time to buy a new home, it should not drain your energy and most importantly your pocket. Most of the time, first-time buyers encounter unscrupulous people who take advantage of their eagerness to buy.

property searchAvoid these circumstances by finding the right people to deal with. In your Nassau County property search, include looking for a good realtor agent as one of your top priorities. Though it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended.

A good realtor can help you in many ways. Hiring the services of a realtor enhances the buying experience. What are the ideal places to look for?

Realtor Sites

Perform an online local search. Depending on the size of your city, you can find a hundred or maybe fewer people who are in the business of helping other people find their first home.

In doing your Nassau County property search for a realtor, include your city and state to yield more specific results. The results include the site, contact information, and medium of contact.

Use this information to make a list of candidates. In creating the list, include three realtors who are popular and another three agents who are new in the industry. Read the about pages of their site.


Ask recommendations from your friends, a coworker, and an acquaintance in a social media site. Include the agents who are recommended more than twice in your list. Aside from the recommendations, interview your friends about the pros and cons of dealing with the agent they recommended.

Property Search Sites

Another way to find an agent is to browse Nassau County property search sites. Most likely, these sites also offer the services of real estate agents. Get free quotations so you will know how much they charge.

Now that you have a list of candidates, the next step is to choose the agent. The factors you should look for are as follows :

• The level of experience – How long have they been in the industry?

• Demographics of their clients – It is best to choose a realtor who specializes in helping first-time buyers. They make the dealings easier and explain more of the proper procedures in simple terms.

• License – Agents are not allowed to deal real estate properties without a license. If their license is on the process, make the necessary precautions by searching the record of the regulatory body that governs the county.

• Disputes – Does the agent have pending lawsuits either in the past or present? This is important so you can avoid the same mistakes committed by those people who filed the lawsuit against the agent. Ask why. Alternatively, you remove the agent from your list of candidates, especially if the agent is still currently dealing with a lawsuit filed by a first-time buyer.

• Commission – Agents charge a percentage based on the price of the property or a fixed fee. Compare the fees with the other agents in your list.

If you cannot find any information in the site other than contact numbers, conduct an interview either over the phone or in person. Visiting the agent’s office or scheduling a meeting is better since you get a chance to assess the realtor’s personality.

real estateAs much as possible, perform as many interviews with an agent as you can manage. After shortlisting your initial list, conduct a more in-depth interview. Do not choose the first agent that you encounter. Do not be swayed by their flowery words and promises.

Choose an unbiased agent. Select an agent who is not handling the property you are interested in buying. Chances are the agent has a vested interest of seeing the property sold to you.

A Nassau County property search is better if you ask help from a professional. Just take the extra precautions so you do not end up with an obnoxious agent.

Nassau County property search is the one stop solution for residential or commercial properties,as it helps to guide which property to invest on helps to maintain affordable budget plan. Aids in locating ideal real estate professional solutions.

Making Your Move Easier & Convenient with Sturdy & Weatherproof Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers has long been known for being a great solution for storing belongings. But there are other more ways in which such moveable containers can be used for, with moving purposes as one of them.

For Moving Purposes

Moving is a complex and long process especially if you are transferring into a faraway place. You will need to rent a truck and pay for the fuel to get all your belongings transported into your new place. You may need to go back in forth several times depending on how much household items you own. Then there are the tasks of loading and unloading your belongings as well throughout the entire moving process. Therefore, moving is not only long and complex, but also a costly, hassle and tiring process.

Yes, it may be true that moving could take so much of your time. But it does not mean that it has to be that complex. You can make it simpler with the use of portable storage containers.

You won’t even have to worry about driving. If you need the storage containers nearby long enough for you to pack and unpack your belongings, your provider could grant that to you. That’s how you can make your move easier and more convenient with these storage containers.

A Convenient, Easy, Safe and Secure Way to Move Your Belongings

You only need to find a reliable company that can provide the containers you need to get started if you wish to use this easy, convenient, safe and secure option. Once you have chosen, you will be provided with the movable containers so you can start loading your belongings. Then it will be the responsibility of the provider to take care of moving your items.

Portable Storage containersWhat’s convenient about these containers is they can be stored either at your location or the provider’s warehouse. It is an option worth-considering if you wish for your items to have a safe storage place while you still don’t have enough space for your belongings. When everything is taken care of, you simply have to inform your provider for them to deliver your container into your new place.

Using portable storage containers is an easy option for it does not entail the hard work of driving a truck or pulling a trailer. Loading and unloading can also be done at a pace you are comfortable. Hence, this allows you to property load your items and carefully unload them which prevent any damages from occurring.

Rest assured that these containers will keep your valuables safe and secure. There are no ramps that you need to walk on as you load your items inside. And these containers are also sturdy, weatherproof and waterproof. If needed, there are tie down rings you can use to keep your items secured inside while being transported.

More Good Reasons to Use these Movable Containers to Your Next Move
Wide Range of Storage Containers to Choose from

You can find the exact size of storage container you need that suits no matter what the size of your home or apartment is. Each of the size in which these containers are made with is designed to fit the contents of a specific room, home, or apartment. If you have a large home, you can benefit from getting one or more of these containers to store and carry all your belongings.

Some Tips for You to Use When Looking for Storage Container Providers

Now that you know how beneficial these movable containers can be for your next move, you will want to find a provider you can trust and meet your storage needs. Always look for a company that has an excellent reputation and offers their containers at a reasonable price.

You need to examine the containers provided by these companies as well. Check if the portable storage containers are in an excellent condition and are clean. Don’t forget to ask about how fast they can deliver the containers into your place and if the service covers included packing materials. In case you will need the containers for long-term storage, ask if they can give you any discounts.

It is important to consider all these when looking for portable storage containers since the safety and security of your investments depends on its condition and the company’s reliability. Moving with movable storage containers is convenient. But a reliable company by your side could mean totally avoiding damaged items and poor service in the end.

Portable storage containers that are moveable container is not only a valuable aid in de-cluttering your home but also a life saver.

Choosing the right PCB assembly

Pcb assemblyGetting the printed circuit board prototype is just one of the significant steps in designing and marketing an electronic product. The printed circuit board prototype can be procured in two ways. Either you procure all the electronic components and the printed circuit board and assemble them all by yourself or you hire a PCB assembly company that will do almost everything for you. The first option has never been an easy task for most individuals as there will be a need for equipment and facility for the assembly and fabrication. It will be costly, and for prototyping purposes alone, it will certainly be impractical. The second option is a cost-effective idea and is the great choice. If you are thinking of outsourcing your need for PCB assembly, below are some guidelines you can use to your advantage.

Saving you more money

More often than not, the larger the quantity of PCBs you order from a PCB assembly company, the more you will save from the cost of manufacturing. So in choosing the right partner for your PCB needs, make sure that the cost of manufacturing is not inversely proportional to the number of units produced when ordering small quantities of prototypes whose design of circuit is not yet finalized. As part of the company’s professional services, they must possess technical know-how to keep the cost in every aspect of the manufacturing process under control and comparatively low.

Providing you free quote

Your time is the most important thing you want protected; to save the a lot of this precious thing, you must deal with those PCB manufacturers that provide you a quote of your PCB manufacturing needs online. Generally, the online quoting system is user-friendly and will ask you certain specifications of the PCB prototype. And because you also want to save costs, the online quoting system should also provide you with all the aspects related to cost of manufacturing prior to placing your order.

Giving you choice for PCB design file format

Most likely you have the Gerber file format of your PCB design, so you will most likely find a deal with most PCB manufacturing company that has the ability to work with this widely used file format. However, you might also be providing a PCB design whose file format is not the Gerber, so you will have to choose a PCB manufacturing company that has the ability to work with such file format. You might also want to take advantage of those companies that offer PCB designing services which means that all you have to provide them is your assembly drawing. This is also a good idea since the company has the necessary technical expertise that makes easy for them to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the initial stage of the assembly.

Giving you the result on time

If you choose to outsource your PCB assembly need to a PCB manufacturing company, you have to consider the factors affecting the lead time. One important factor is whether your desired PCB prototype requires some rare materials or not. If the PCB prototype will consist of uncommon materials, the PCB manufacturing company will be asking you more time than what it usually is. Such delay is due to the fact that the company will have very few clients requiring the same materials. Nonetheless, the preferred company should not take your order for granted and instead provide you considerable lead time. Also, the online PCB quoting system should be able to provide you the tentative lead time in addition to other information detailing all the cost-related aspects of your order.

Getting Close and Personal with the Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more popular, especially among women golfers. There are golf aficionados who believe that spikeless shoes will not be of help to a golfer at all. They believe that serious golfers should stick to a serious pair of golf footwear, one with spikes underneath. On the contrary, the spikeless golf footwear can provide almost the same traction as the ones with spikes. The only difference between the spiked shoes and the spikeless is that the latter is lightweight and therefore, more comfortable than the former.

Even though the shoes are called spikeless, they have stubs underneath that make it possible for the golfers to keep their footing even when the ground is unforgiving.

Golf shoeSpikeless golf footwear may look trendy and fashionable, but it does not mean that it has no capabilities similar to those of spiked shoes. Golfers everywhere, especially lady golfers, will agree that the spikeless shoes can help deliver them to their victory. Another thing about the spikeless shoes is that they can pose as everyday shoes, but only more fashionable than regular street shoes. A golfer can go straight to his or her favorite hangout without the need to change shoes.

The Invaluable Comfort of Spikeless Golf Footwear

The comfort that spikeless golf footwear gives is undeniable. The soles are softer and that’s why it is more comfortable to walk. A pair of spikeless shoes is lightweight and will not give the golfer any hard time in walking long distances during the game. More and more amateur and professional golfers prefer the spikeless golf shoes because they can walk and stand for long hours without hurting their legs so much.

Easy to Clean Spikeless Shoes

It is easier to clean and maintain the spikeless golf footwear mainly because there are no cleats to be checked and replaced when needed. No grass and leaves will be caught underneath the shoes because there are no spikes to catch them. There’s no need to check the soles of the shoes every now and then to see if the cleats are still fine.

Replacing the spikes is costly and it can get more expensive as time goes by. The golfer also needs to make sure that he or she has a supply of replacement cleats every time he or she plays golf. There are cases wherein the spikes suddenly need to be replaced while the game is ongoing. The spikes need to be replaced if they no longer provide the needed traction, especially when the ground is wet.

Lots of golfers love the idea that they no longer need to trouble themselves with cleats replacements when they wear their spikeless pair of golf shoes. They don’t need to worry about spending some time cleaning their shoes because they are practically maintenance-free. All they need is wipe it with damp cloth and dry with a clean rag or microfiber towel and they are good to go. There’s no need to purchase special cleaning solutions.

New Models of Shoes for Playing Golf

As time goes by, manufacturers try to come up with the different versions of spikeless and spiked pair of shoes and they intend to make some improvements on their next release. There are new releases that allow customization and there are some that have much more comfortable cushions.

There are spiked shoes that come with two outsoles, the spiked one and the one that has integrated traction. Expect manufacturers of golf shoes to come up with more innovative designs – all for the purpose of providing ease and comfort to the players while engaging in battles on the golf course.

Author Bio:
We have great collection of golf shoes, golf sandals for a man or lady with wide range and design by Nike, Adidas and Footjoy. We design shoes as per golfer needs, specially focus on design and comfortness.

Reliable Funeral Services to Ease the Burden of the Loss of a Loved One

Funeral services are significant in a way that they help people cope with their loss. Undeniably, losing a loved one is a very heartbreaking event. People usually get emotionally unstable during these times, especially if they remember the moments they spent with the deceased. In cases of unexpected death, people even experience denial and depression. These expressions of grief are normal ways of struggling with a loss. Generally, they do not have the time and energy to prepare, process, and manage things. This is where the funeral services play an important part.

The Significance Of Funeral Services Are Given As Follows:

The primary aim of these services is to provide the best environment and assistance for the deceased and his or her family and friends. Funeral homes are expected to provide the manpower, skills, equipment, materials, and venue to ensure that the family and guests of the deceased are comfortable during the viewing services.

Coordination between the funeral home personnel and the family members of the deceased is important. The family has to let the funeral director know if they have special requests. They also have to sign off on a contract that lists all the services to be provided. In this time of grief, the funeral director and his staff usually take over once they get clear instructions from the family. This way, the family can be left to attend to their guests and to deal with their loss.

funeral_servicesFuneral services are usually offered in plans and packages. There are those who arrange for their services early on in their lives, to relive the people they will leave behind from the burden of worrying about all the details. Especially if the death is unexpected, the deceased’s family members might not be financially prepared to deal with all the expenses. Various packages are usually available to fit various budgets. The customer may also decide on methods such as embalming, cremation, and burial.

Depending on the package chosen and the scope of services provided by the funeral home, other add on services may be offered. These services include: legal services such as acquiring death certificates, processing legal papers; coordination for spiritual service; service programme; obituary printing; and interment schedule. Again all these services require close coordination with the family members to ensure that everything goes on schedule.

Funeral services also include the caskets, tables, chairs, candles, candle holders, condolence bowls or baskets, mementos, playing cards and board games for guests, records and documentation, hearse or limousine, additional vehicles, bands, pallbearers, and others; they are available if requested by the clients.

Funeral homes are usually headed by the funeral director. The director supervises the assistant managers, embalmers, apprentice directors, and funeral staff. To guarantee quality and expertise in the funeral services, these heads are usually educated and trained not only in managing the business but also in the various aspects of preparing and handling dead bodies. These experts have licenses to practice their profession.

Funerals are often sad events, yet they do not always have to be that way. Funerals can be celebrations of the deceased’s life too. Family and friends can remember the life of their loved one when they do not have to worry about all the funeral arrangements. It is a good idea to be ready to call a funeral director anytime the need arises. Those who do not wish to burden their families just as they are about to be laid on their final resting place can actually make arrangements ahead of time. You might not have control over how your family and friends will grieve over your loss, but you can certainly make sure that they are comfortable while they are grieving.

Customizing your neck lanyards

Neck lanyards are fashionable and functional accessories that can be used every day. You can use them for business or for personal use. Here are some tips on how you can customize your lanyards depending on your purpose.

Lanyards for Business and Advertising

It is common to see lanyards in business establishments and schools. Wearing a lanyard offers a certain degree of uniformity for employees and students whether they are wearing uniforms or civilian clothes. Whether you are purchasing custom neck lanyards for employees or giving it as gift to customers, make sure that the company name is printed boldly onto them. Avoid using script-style letters because they are difficult to read. You can also use the company acronym if the name of the company is too long.

Another way to customize lanyards is by adding your company logo. Make sure to provide a clear copy of the logo to the manufacturer so that every detail is precisely stamped or woven into the lanyards.

Neck LanyardsA lanyard can also function like a typical business card. If you wish to distribute neck lanyards in business events and functions, you should also add your phone number or email address in the printed design. If you want more information about the lanyards visit People are more likely to appreciate and keep a functional item like a lanyard because they can be used in a number of different ways, unlike business cards and brochures.

Aside from your company name and logo, you should also pay attention to the color and material of your lanyard. Polyester is the most popular option because it can withstand lots of stresses and is also washable. You can also opt for woven lanyards for more appeal. Choose a color that can represent your company. You can also opt to use your existing company color if you have one. The color of the letterings should also compliment the fabric. Lanyards can also be used as an advertising tool to increase your company’s exposure. Make sure that whatever design you choose reflects well on the company and what it stands for.

Lanyards for personal use

You can also customize your neck lanyards for personal use. You can choose between plain lanyards or printed ones. Even if you choose not to imprint anything on your lanyards, you can still choose colorful lanyards to keep them from looking generic and boring. Woven lanyards also look good even if they are left plain. The texture of the fabric already provides a great design.

You can also opt to add printed design in your neck lanyards. You can even add your name or initials if you want. Adding words or phrases on your lanyards makes it unique and personal. Some people print their motto or favorite phrase on their lanyards for everyone to see. You are also free to choose the attachment for your lanyard. The thumb trigger is the most convenient attachment for your items since it can easily be released. The bulldog clip is suited to hold ID holders because of its wide clip. The key ring is ideal to hold keys while the swivel hook is a multi-purpose attachment that can hold your phone, keys and Ids. You are also giving the option to add more attachments to your neck lanyard such as thumb hook, oval hook and cell phone hook.

The best thing about having a personalized neck lanyard is that you can be very creative about it. You can make it look classic and understated or bold and colorful. A lanyard is a great accessory that can showcase your personality and sense of style. Do not be afraid to experiment with different designs and color combination until you find the right lanyard for you.

Custom Challenge Coins – A Glimpse Of The How It Started

Custom challenge coins are described as medallions or small coins that display an emblem or logo of an organization. They are usually carried by the members of the institution or organization. Customarily, the coins are given as a proof of membership in order to boost team spirit. On top of that, some service members have also developed a habit of collecting these challenge coins because of their design, meaning and sentimental value. In military practice, the challenge coins are often offered by unit commanders to unit members who deserve to be recognized for their special accomplishment.

How did the custom challenge coins come about?

The history of these challenge coins seemed to be quite interesting and fascinating as they were first used during World War I by the American military. The very first challenge coins that were utilized during the world war were constructed out of bronze and were covered with gold plating. These small medallions or coins are used to symbolize particular membership or positions in the military or in an organization. Since then, they have become well-known among Americans, popular enough for people to be enticed to gather them for their collection.

The primary use of the coins is for challenging. Yet, apart from that, they may also be used and given as an award for exceptional performance of duty or loyal service. In general, they are really a great instrument to build the morale of every member. On the other hand, regarding their use in the modern day American military, using custom challenge coins most likely started out amongst Special Forces unit in the course of the Vietnam War. This challenge coin tradition was passed on through the Airborne group.

Custom Challenge CoinsBy the early nineteen-eighties, it was then passed on to the seventy-fifth Ranger Regiment. When the different officials were reassigned as they moved on in their careers, they have instilled in them the tradition of giving a unit coin as an award for their deeds that were deserving of acknowledgement and recognition, yet were not enough to merit the soldiers an official medal of honor. The challenge coins had not been very popular before the First Persian Gulf War during the 1990 to 1991. Yet, since then, they have progressively gained popularity.

Bulldog Challenge Coin

The Bulldog challenge coin was one of the very popular of its kind in the US Air Force. It was available only to the tail gunners enlisted at B-52. Since the B-52 gunner post was eliminated in 1991, this renowned challenge coin has grown to be more uncommon.

This Bulldog coin was offered to gunners when they graduated from their technical training in the Air Force and when they joined the Gunners Association. During the earlier times of bombers, a nugget or a bean was the one being used. The coin signifies the characteristics of bravery and strength as resembled by the Bulldog, which was also the gunner’s official mascot. In addition, the Bulldog coin was also offered to selected honorary gunners, commonly the leader and the commanders, who depicted the nature of the bulldog.

Coin Collection

Custom Challenge CoinA number of coin enthusiasts purchase them for their numismatic worth. The custom challenge coins presented as accolades for achievements are usually offered during a handshake. A handshake involved transferring from the giver’s right hand to the awardees’ right hand. Additionally, it is also standard for the giver to share the story behind or the explanation about the reason why the recipient is given the coin award.

Largest Collection

Probably the most enormous collection of custom challenge coins related to the Army Engineer can be found in a huge cabinet in the AEA or Army Engineer Association’s regimental shop. This store was situated in the Engineer Museum at the residence of the Engineer Regiment. The challenge coins were generously donated by the customers of the store, who have visited ever since it started out in the late nineteen-eighties.

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Lessons from the Top Motivational Speakers

Keynote speakerWho else can give you the best tips in your job as a motivational speaker but the top speakers in the international stage? They are backed by experience and equipped with the right formula for success. Instead of looking for advice from the pros, why not learn from their core values that you can apply to your own discipline. You still have a long way ahead of you, so to strengthen your foundation, here are 10 valuable lessons that you can get from the experiences and successes of some of the world-renowned motivational speakers.

1.Nick Vujicic

Lesson: You do not need hands to hold a microphone and feet to walk on stage.

Born without limbs, Nick Vujicic’s motivational speeches revolve around inspiration and courage to face the world, even at a great disadvantage, and still end up a winner. His life is full of inspiring stories, and he used his ups and downs to show that life is never perfect but can always be happy.

As a motivational speaker, you can tap your most proud and embarrassing moments to impart a lesson. Use your successes and failures, certainty and confusion, to show that there is more to it than going down. Showing stark contrast in life is the best way to show people the other direction which is up.

2.Zig Ziglar

Lesson: Being a Christian and businessman can always go hand and hand.

Ziglar is a well-known speaker in the business niche, but his followers know that he is also a messenger of Bible teachings. He is one of the first mainstream speakers who tackled Christianity and business as a single entity. His goal is to integrate values in any business ventures and decisions to succeed.

Today, he is one of the top business coaches in the world. He might have taken a big risk in his core values, but that ultimately paid off. Like him, you can also be courageous about your values, mixing two things that are unusually seen together. At the end of the day, it is not the uniqueness that will help you but your own conviction.

3.Eric Thomas

Lesson: Success is not achieved without sacrifice.

He is touted as the rapper of motivational speaking. His blunt approach in tackling complicated but realistic issues when it comes to personal choices has given him international recognition. Although a high school dropout, he has proven that success is still possible if you will give enough sacrifice – comfort, time, money, and anything that is less important than happiness.

He appeals to the masses by tackling issues that are close to their hearts. With that, he has shown what intently knowing your audience can do to your career as a motivational speaker.

4.Les Brown

Lesson: Believe in yourself if you want others to believe in you.

His motivational speeches revolve around self-esteem and self-worth, characteristics that he never had while growing up. He was repeatedly rejected for adoption, declared “mentally retarded” as a kid, and lived in a condemned building. However, despite all the hardships, he has proven that challenges in life are nothing if only you will believe in yourself more than other do.

As a motivational speaker, he has repeatedly used his weaknesses and traumatic experiences to inspire others and show how life’s cruelty can change any man for the better – even those called “retarded” by other people. If you want to show people your strength, show them your vulnerability first, so that they can relate.

5.Tony Robbins

Lesson: Achieving one’s goal should always follow a formula.

Standing six-foot seven, Robbins may not be your typical motivational speaker. Nonetheless, he definitely knows how to bring you closer to your goal by making the path clearer for you. More than motivation, he is most-loved for his guidance as he knows how to tread in a tricky shore.

Instead of stories, he concentrates on giving guidelines to live life to the fullest. You can do that too by formulating your own steps to success.

3 Things to Look for Good Chat Software

Finally, you are convinced that you need live chat software for your business. Your concern now is choosing the best chat software that would meet the needs of your company. When you look at the different features that chat software companies offer, you might be overwhelmed with the various jargons and features.

connectThe first thing you should do is to assess what your company needs. If your business is very technical in nature, look for special features that would assist you in helping your clients better. Otherwise, here are the basic three things good chat software must possess.

  1. Friendly to the costumers.

The primary reason for the chat software is costumer satisfaction. This is the first thing you need to check. Look for features that can do the following things:

  • Reply to the client in the fastest time. Clients are busy people. Avoid wasting theirtime and yours as well, by being able to answer their queries immediately. Pre-determined scripts and responses can do the trick. With just one paste, the agent can supply the needed answer of the client.
  • Make the client feels welcomed. Customized chat boxes, for example, with an agent’s smiling picture and name on it, would appear more inviting and welcoming rather than a mere box on it. Set a relax atmosphere by having a casual and friendly tone during conversation.
  • Attend to special needs like automatic chat translation for foreign guests.
  • Assist only when needed. Some clients feel that some live chat supports are intrusive in their browsing. Avoid this problem by having features that would identify those clients who are in need of assistance versus those who do not. Example is the activity based proactive chats. You can program the live support service to initiate a chat when a client performs a specific activity or when he or she is taking a long time deciding.
  • Have the ability to connect to a client even when the agent is outside the office or it is after office hours already. This is possible through some applications being offered by the software. Another feature is the ticket. This is where the client can fill a ticket form for any concern so that the agent can know and attend to that need as soon as the agent comes online.
  1. Friendly to the business owners.

Although there are many advantages already when a business avails chat software, still additional discounts, freebies and special offers would be appreciated.

  • The primary consideration is the cost. The offer should have a monthly plan that would not be too heavy for the owner, especially if the business is still new and struggling.
  • Another major consideration is the safety of data for the security of both the client and the business owner.
  • Have a quick return of investment. The chat support service should help the business boost the sales, lower cart abandonment and increase the list of satisfied customers and new clients.
  • Grows with the business. When an upgrade is needed, it should be easy and simple enough. There should be no major adjustment or changes that would be implemented that would requireextra work and expenditure for the owners.
  • Allows monitoring of agents. Features, which will give feedbacks regarding the performances of agents, would benefit the owners as they could see the weaknesses and strengths of their agents and thus do actions accordingly.
  1. Friendly to the agents.
  • Easy to use. Agents should be able to have access and work using the software with minimal or no difficulties at all.
  • Easy set up. The agent should be able to start chatting within three minutes or less upon logging in.
  • Have the ability to chat from anywhere. Agents who prefer to work at home will benefit from this setting.

With these three tips, you are now ready to make that chat software purchase.