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Getting Close and Personal with the Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spikeless golf shoes are becoming more popular, especially among women golfers. There are golf aficionados who believe that spikeless shoes will not be of help to a golfer at all. They believe that serious golfers should stick to a serious pair of golf footwear, one with spikes underneath. On the contrary, the spikeless golf footwear can provide almost the same traction as the ones with spikes. The only difference between the spiked shoes and the spikeless is that the latter is lightweight and therefore, more comfortable than the former.

Even though the shoes are called spikeless, they have stubs underneath that make it possible for the golfers to keep their footing even when the ground is unforgiving.

Golf shoeSpikeless golf footwear may look trendy and fashionable, but it does not mean that it has no capabilities similar to those of spiked shoes. Golfers everywhere, especially lady golfers, will agree that the spikeless shoes can help deliver them to their victory. Another thing about the spikeless shoes is that they can pose as everyday shoes, but only more fashionable than regular street shoes. A golfer can go straight to his or her favorite hangout without the need to change shoes.

The Invaluable Comfort of Spikeless Golf Footwear

The comfort that spikeless golf footwear gives is undeniable. The soles are softer and that’s why it is more comfortable to walk. A pair of spikeless shoes is lightweight and will not give the golfer any hard time in walking long distances during the game. More and more amateur and professional golfers prefer the spikeless golf shoes because they can walk and stand for long hours without hurting their legs so much.

Easy to Clean Spikeless Shoes

It is easier to clean and maintain the spikeless golf footwear mainly because there are no cleats to be checked and replaced when needed. No grass and leaves will be caught underneath the shoes because there are no spikes to catch them. There’s no need to check the soles of the shoes every now and then to see if the cleats are still fine.

Replacing the spikes is costly and it can get more expensive as time goes by. The golfer also needs to make sure that he or she has a supply of replacement cleats every time he or she plays golf. There are cases wherein the spikes suddenly need to be replaced while the game is ongoing. The spikes need to be replaced if they no longer provide the needed traction, especially when the ground is wet.

Lots of golfers love the idea that they no longer need to trouble themselves with cleats replacements when they wear their spikeless pair of golf shoes. They don’t need to worry about spending some time cleaning their shoes because they are practically maintenance-free. All they need is wipe it with damp cloth and dry with a clean rag or microfiber towel and they are good to go. There’s no need to purchase special cleaning solutions.

New Models of Shoes for Playing Golf

As time goes by, manufacturers try to come up with the different versions of spikeless and spiked pair of shoes and they intend to make some improvements on their next release. There are new releases that allow customization and there are some that have much more comfortable cushions.

There are spiked shoes that come with two outsoles, the spiked one and the one that has integrated traction. Expect manufacturers of golf shoes to come up with more innovative designs – all for the purpose of providing ease and comfort to the players while engaging in battles on the golf course.

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