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3 Things to Look for Good Chat Software

Finally, you are convinced that you need live chat software for your business. Your concern now is choosing the best chat software that would meet the needs of your company. When you look at the different features that chat software companies offer, you might be overwhelmed with the various jargons and features.

connectThe first thing you should do is to assess what your company needs. If your business is very technical in nature, look for special features that would assist you in helping your clients better. Otherwise, here are the basic three things good chat software must possess.

  1. Friendly to the costumers.

The primary reason for the chat software is costumer satisfaction. This is the first thing you need to check. Look for features that can do the following things:

  • Reply to the client in the fastest time. Clients are busy people. Avoid wasting theirtime and yours as well, by being able to answer their queries immediately. Pre-determined scripts and responses can do the trick. With just one paste, the agent can supply the needed answer of the client.
  • Make the client feels welcomed. Customized chat boxes, for example, with an agent’s smiling picture and name on it, would appear more inviting and welcoming rather than a mere box on it. Set a relax atmosphere by having a casual and friendly tone during conversation.
  • Attend to special needs like automatic chat translation for foreign guests.
  • Assist only when needed. Some clients feel that some live chat supports are intrusive in their browsing. Avoid this problem by having features that would identify those clients who are in need of assistance versus those who do not. Example is the activity based proactive chats. You can program the live support service to initiate a chat when a client performs a specific activity or when he or she is taking a long time deciding.
  • Have the ability to connect to a client even when the agent is outside the office or it is after office hours already. This is possible through some applications being offered by the software. Another feature is the ticket. This is where the client can fill a ticket form for any concern so that the agent can know and attend to that need as soon as the agent comes online.
  1. Friendly to the business owners.

Although there are many advantages already when a business avails chat software, still additional discounts, freebies and special offers would be appreciated.

  • The primary consideration is the cost. The offer should have a monthly plan that would not be too heavy for the owner, especially if the business is still new and struggling.
  • Another major consideration is the safety of data for the security of both the client and the business owner.
  • Have a quick return of investment. The chat support service should help the business boost the sales, lower cart abandonment and increase the list of satisfied customers and new clients.
  • Grows with the business. When an upgrade is needed, it should be easy and simple enough. There should be no major adjustment or changes that would be implemented that would requireextra work and expenditure for the owners.
  • Allows monitoring of agents. Features, which will give feedbacks regarding the performances of agents, would benefit the owners as they could see the weaknesses and strengths of their agents and thus do actions accordingly.
  1. Friendly to the agents.
  • Easy to use. Agents should be able to have access and work using the software with minimal or no difficulties at all.
  • Easy set up. The agent should be able to start chatting within three minutes or less upon logging in.
  • Have the ability to chat from anywhere. Agents who prefer to work at home will benefit from this setting.

With these three tips, you are now ready to make that chat software purchase.