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Choosing the right PCB assembly

Pcb assemblyGetting the printed circuit board prototype is just one of the significant steps in designing and marketing an electronic product. The printed circuit board prototype can be procured in two ways. Either you procure all the electronic components and the printed circuit board and assemble them all by yourself or you hire a PCB assembly company that will do almost everything for you. The first option has never been an easy task for most individuals as there will be a need for equipment and facility for the assembly and fabrication. It will be costly, and for prototyping purposes alone, it will certainly be impractical. The second option is a cost-effective idea and is the great choice. If you are thinking of outsourcing your need for PCB assembly, below are some guidelines you can use to your advantage.

Saving you more money

More often than not, the larger the quantity of PCBs you order from a PCB assembly company, the more you will save from the cost of manufacturing. So in choosing the right partner for your PCB needs, make sure that the cost of manufacturing is not inversely proportional to the number of units produced when ordering small quantities of prototypes whose design of circuit is not yet finalized. As part of the company’s professional services, they must possess technical know-how to keep the cost in every aspect of the manufacturing process under control and comparatively low.

Providing you free quote

Your time is the most important thing you want protected; to save the a lot of this precious thing, you must deal with those PCB manufacturers that provide you a quote of your PCB manufacturing needs online. Generally, the online quoting system is user-friendly and will ask you certain specifications of the PCB prototype. And because you also want to save costs, the online quoting system should also provide you with all the aspects related to cost of manufacturing prior to placing your order.

Giving you choice for PCB design file format

Most likely you have the Gerber file format of your PCB design, so you will most likely find a deal with most PCB manufacturing company that has the ability to work with this widely used file format. However, you might also be providing a PCB design whose file format is not the Gerber, so you will have to choose a PCB manufacturing company that has the ability to work with such file format. You might also want to take advantage of those companies that offer PCB designing services which means that all you have to provide them is your assembly drawing. This is also a good idea since the company has the necessary technical expertise that makes easy for them to troubleshoot issues that may arise during the initial stage of the assembly.

Giving you the result on time

If you choose to outsource your PCB assembly need to a PCB manufacturing company, you have to consider the factors affecting the lead time. One important factor is whether your desired PCB prototype requires some rare materials or not. If the PCB prototype will consist of uncommon materials, the PCB manufacturing company will be asking you more time than what it usually is. Such delay is due to the fact that the company will have very few clients requiring the same materials. Nonetheless, the preferred company should not take your order for granted and instead provide you considerable lead time. Also, the online PCB quoting system should be able to provide you the tentative lead time in addition to other information detailing all the cost-related aspects of your order.